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Beautiful black women of the Victorian era. Many of these photos were taken while slavery was still legal in America.

swampseer, have you seen these?! They’re sooooo stunning!

I have! So gorgeous!




if you post art or writing on tumblr and are trying to get it seen don’t swear in the tags

tumblr will usually automatically flag the post as adult so that it won’t show up in filtered tags/searches and now with tumblr’s new nonfunctional “"safe mode”“ it’ll hide the post completely

i don’t know yet if swearing in the caption has the same effect but don’t swear in the tags

also and i’m not completely sure about this one but it seems like tumblr flags posts with too many tags because they look like spam; remember that only the first five tags actually make a post appear in that tag so limit it to that and whatever personal tags you need

thanks bye

@staff let us say fuck
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I like how when there is a character who doesn’t mention being gay at all, but is declared gay by the writer, people act like that is a “realistic portrayal” of gay people because they aren’t “all about” being gay.

Like, have you met gay people? We talk about being gay all the time if we are out and it is safe to do so. Realistic my ass, Dumbledore would be asking McGonagall if he was too old to be considered a “bear” or if his huge beard made the difference, but ok. 

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Really hungry 

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Ghibli’s cute character!!

#icing #icingcookies #sugarcookies #kawaii #colorful #ghibli #アイシングクッキー #カラフル #カラフル #まっくろくろすけ #ジブリ


“why do you need headcanons!!!!!!”

because these are supposed to be different characters



*puts on cool socks*
Ok ready to go

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It’s not a hand towel. On my world, it means hope.

Save us towel cat you’re our only hope

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sooooooooo….about that money i was gonna borrow…hey where are you going



Carrie is a better anti-bullying message than 13 Reasons Why because she didn’t mail passive aggressive cassette tapes around to people who were tangentially involved she just psychically killed everyone who had ever hurt her and blew up half the town

i thought this was about Carrie fisher and kinda nodded “yeah she would”


Shoutout to all those people that have jobs like cleaning the bathrooms in rest areas or gas stations, to the people that take out the trash and wash dishes in restaurants, school janitors, house maids. You’re doing jobs that don’t get much recognition but are some of the toughest. stay awesome

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much like the Phoenix, a new dad shall rise from the sawdust reborn



Is it a power move to slap your girlfriend’s ass in front of her dad?

Yes, but it’s more of a power move to slap your girlfriend’s dad’s ass in front of your girlfriend.

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