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who do i have to fight in order for nana to be inko’s childhood role model because i am READY

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@dr.wesbellamy (vice-mayor of Charlottesville): Today, while it appeared to be chaos throughout the city, for nearly four hours, I witnessed young brothers @jamar_2turntup @89tillva and a host of others give away nearly 100 book bags filled with supplies to kids and families in need, have games and music for the community, and provide a safe space for everyone to enjoy themselves.

I am extremely proud of these young men and women, and their commitment to our community. Thanks for being a beacon of light today. Much love and respect. #NewCville #CvilleCares #UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

Fuck a white supremacist. Thank god for these beautiful Black heroes. 😍

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depression sucks because you could be half way done dancing in your underwear and making cookies and all the sudden everything is pointless and you feel so lost and worthless and have no motivation to breath and it’s like ??????? theses cookies were going to be great ??? calm down depression ?? pls ?

this has so many notes i mean same but is everyone okay

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why did i do this

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In light of what happened recently in Charlottesville, here are ways you can help courtesy of Sara Benincasa on Twitter. Donate to local non-profits, signal boost, and show your support for the Black Student Alliance at University of Virginia. If you have spare money, support the Black Student Alliance or the counter protestor legal fund.

if ur LGBT and cant drive reblog this with why


this is important sociological research

i’ll go first: i have an anxiety disorder and crashed my car during my 2nd lesson so now I Am Afraid


honestly monty python and the holy grail is just a dnd session w/ really uncooperative players and a dm who worked really hard on a campaign but gave up halfway through



I actually hate being sappy like I’ll say “I missed you today” then immediately drag them to diffuse the situation

“Where were you today? I missed u. Thought ya lil ugly ass went and joined the soul circus”


💙Questioning your gender or orientation is okay

💙Questioning at age 12 is okay

💙Questioning at age 60 is okay

💙Never finding out is okay

💙Not wanting a label is okay

💜Trust me, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay


btw if you’re in seattle, there’s going to be a nazi rally in westlake, and there’s been a counter-protest arranged against it starting at denny park before moving to converge at westlake

if you feel safe enough to go then please do, but also try to bring stuff like first aid kits and stuff if it comes down to it. i hear the proud boys are expected to be there, so avoid men in black polo shirts and stay safe


Had a dream that McDonald’s had a big ad campaign that just said “WE HAVE IT” in black cryptic writing. So I went to a drive thru and said “I saw the sign. Can I have it” and the speaker was silent for a solid ten seconds before saying “do you think you’re ready” in my voice and I screamed and drove away

We might have misunderstood Hogwarts Houses for years



I have a theory that the valued quality of each of the four Houses isn’t really about the personality of its students.

The valued quality of each of the four Houses has to do with how they perceive magic.

Stick with me a second: Hogwarts is a school to study magic. Magic as Hogwarts teaches it can be seen as many things: a natural talent, a gift, a weapon, etc.

So how you believe magic should be used will both reflect your personality and change how you handle that power.

“Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart,” Gryffindors perceive magic as a weapon. Gryffindors tend to excel in aggressive forms of magic, like offensive and defensive spells, and they are good at dueling. But a true Gryffindor knows that the power is a responsibility, and so they must always use their powers to stand up for what’s right. They are the sword of the righteous, which makes them as good at Defense Against the Dark Arts as they are at combat magic.

Hufflepuffs believe that magic is a gift and that the best gifts are to be given away. Hufflepuffs, “loyal and just,” would naturally abhor the idea of jealously guarding magic or using it to hurt someone else. So Hufflepuffs share their magic to benefit of Muggles, like the Fat Friar, to protect the overlooked, like Newt Scamander with his creatures, or to oppose those who would use magic to torment and bully, like the Hufflepuffs who stood with the DA and the battle of Hogwarts.

Slytherins are the opposite: they believe their magic is a treasure that they have been entrusted to protect. The Slytherin fascination with purity, with advantage, with cunning and secrecy–all of which were perverted by the Death Eaters–comes from the idea that people with magic in their veins have been given something special that it is their duty to protect at all costs. And perhaps they aren’t entirely wrong: power in the wrong hands can be dangerous. And power interfering at will with Muggle affairs is a gross presumption that could turn the course of history. Though the series shows some of the worst that Slytherin can be, “evil,” is not a natural Slytherin tendency. “Cautious,” is.

Ravenclaws believe that magic is an art form, one that is beautiful and should be appreciated and studied for its own sake. If “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure,” then asking what magic is for is useless. It’s more important to immerse oneself in magic for its own sake. Ravenclaws push the boundaries of magic to see if they can, hence Hermione’s spell experiment on the DA coins being dubbed a Ravenclaw quality, but like Luna Lovegood in the pursuit of extraordinary creatures: they can also be content to plumb the depths of what already exists.

So while you can see where personalities will overlap over Houses, perhaps in Sorting we should be asking ourselves less what we think we are and more what we think we believe. 

that’s much more interesting and substantive than “brave, smart, evil, miscellaneous”







mortal kombat takes place in a world where the letter c doesn’t exist

Mortal Kombat and Korn are in the same canonical universe

next time on game theory

You know what? Fuck you. Fuck you up the ass you massive piece of shit. MatPat puts so much goddamn work into pleasing people and researching and backing up his claims, but you think a couple of dorks making a dumb joke is on par with him? Fuck. You.

holy shit

just kalm down man



Science side of Tumblr: how can dragons breathe fire?

There are three variants of dragons.
One of them possesses  a gland that produces a liquid, which spontaneously combusts when coming into contact with oxygen. Some phosphorus compounds could do that for example.

The second one possesses two glands instead, which produce so-called hypergolic propellants, fluids that ignite when they come into contact with one another.

The third kind stores the methane bacteria in their stomach produce, and expells it when breathing fire. In their mouth there’s a piezoelectric crystal, which is a substance that produces a spark when placed under mechanical stress and could thus serve to ignite the methane gas.

Or it’s magic.

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Listen. please do Not make this tweet into a meme.
this tweet is good and pure and hilarious all on its own
do not make it suffer the same fate as spiders georg
thank you

tumblr: i have made a Meme
you: you fucked up a perfectly good tweet is what you did. look at it. it’s got anxiety

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This print changes! Super wicked. From here.

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